Monsignor Larraín Gandarillas Medal Print

Monsignor Larraín Gandarillas Medal

According to DR 126/96 this is a Honorary distinction awarded to people who, given the relevance of their contribution to society, culture, economy or politics, both at an international and national level, are considered by Senior Management as Eminent Guests of Pontificia Universidad Católica.

Recipients of this distinction:

-         Lucio Migliaccio, O.M.D.,  November 1999

-         Monsignor Paul Wevering Weidemann,  November 1999

-         Monsignor Luigi Ventura, July 2001

-         Umberto Veronesi, Scientific Director of the European Institute of Oncology, November, 2005

-         Germán Becker Ureta, January 2010

-         René Cortázar, August 2012.

-         Rudy Marcus, october 2018.